About Sirtanio Organik Indonesia

Sirtanio Organik Indonesia is the leading organic rice producer in Indonesia. We sustainably supply the needs of the market of red rice and mix organic rice.

Our Products Sirtanio Organic Indonesia which can nourish the people and the business model increases farmers’ welfare and also to improve the environment.

Core Value

Sirtanio Organik Indonesia increase farmers’ welfare by reducing the cost of rice cultivation by reducing inputs with organic rice cultivation technology. The purchase price of the harvest is determined by a contract by a margin of 25-30% above the purchase price of the common.

Organic rice can also reduce health care costs for customers who consume it. Eating organic food, health consumers are more awake and several testimonials of consumers say that organic rice has been a cure for some illness, such as diabetes, constipation, cancer.


Improving the rice farmers welfare – Healthier world

Meet our team



A.R Jauhari, S.E


Shohib Q D, S.TP


Ahmed Tessario, S.T



Sirtanio Organic Indonesia has received various quality assurance certificates as supporting the way of organic rice business in Indonesia.

  • Certificates Organic Agriculture
    SNI No: 6729 2010 from LeSOS No Reg: 048-LPO-005-IDN-12-15
  • Certificates Chemical residue free
    from Sucofindo No 3508880
  • Certificates Adequacy of Nutrition
    from Laboratory Department of Science and Technology of food, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, IPB Bogor No : 014-12/FL/4.2.3/LDITP

Our journey

List of the latest highlights per year Sirtanio Organic Indonesia

  • Started to develop organic red rice on 1.6 Ha of land in banyuwangi
  • The land succeeded in harvesting with satisfactory results and expanding organic land on 16 Ha
  • The rice produced in the name of red healthy rice Seblang Banyuwangi and get a very good respon market from local consumers Banyuwangi
  • The land that cooperates with the company reaches 42 Ha with productivity per Ha 3.5 tons in July 2012, but due to irregular planting schedule and the market is not ready to receive the product so the company is over stock.
  • The Company obtained KUR loan from Bank Jatim amounting to Rp.500,000,000
  • Sales in 2012 reached 24,064 Kg
  • Employees employed only on the processing division of 5 people.
  • Obtaining PSBI assistance from Bank Indonesia in the form of milling machine, drying floor and plastic packaging
  • Getting Organic Certification from Seloliman Organic Certification Institute (LESOS)
  • Sales increased up to 102,197 kg increased 3% per month.
  • Products Already sold under the brand of Merah Organic Rice Seblang Banyuwangi with Vacum Package
  • Inaugurated as a cluster for Bank Indonesia
  • The market distribution of red rice covers 25 regions in Indonesia starting from Java Island, Kalimantan and Sumatera
  • Sales increased to 107,674 Kg
  • Inaugurated as Sirtanoo Organic Indonesia
  • Conducting integras starting from the cultivation division, processing to marketing so as to extend the land up to 74 Ha per planting season (4 months)
  • Begin to open Investment opportunities in terms of funding
2015 - 2016
  • Initiating International Organic Certification by Biocert
  • Partnering drengan 128 farmers with 103 ha of organic land on which production base – location of land begins to develop out banyuwangi (Situbondo, Lumajang, Jember and Bondowoso)
  • The products have been distributed to 35 regions in Indonesia with 2 export destinations (China and Australia)
  • Land productivity increased to 5 Ton GKS / Ha
  • Sell ​​350 tons of organic rice with a sales turnover of Rp.5.9 M


Our best partner to develop better Sirtanio Organic Indonesia